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Model ID: DHV-1000
Daksh Quality Systems offers micro Vickers hardness tester, DHV-1000. Main features: DQS-1000 micro Vickers hardness tester made with a unique and precise design in the field of mechanics, optics and light source is able to produce a clearer indentation and hence a more precise measurement.

Model ID: RA 300/500
The Roundness Tester, RA 300/500 is equipped with a state of art technology. It consists of a digital adjustable mechanical makes work piece centering.

Das Precision Machine Tools offers spring load testing machines from 10 kg to 5000 kg capacity.

Das Precision Machine Tools Private Limited, Thane

Model ID: TH170
Hardness Tester, TH170, is a pocket-sized instrument used for on-site hardness measurements. It measure hardness in Leebs and offer hardness values in Vickers, Brinell, Shore, and Rockwell C & B at the touch of a button.

The Universal Hardness Tester is a combination of three different instruments in only one machine. The machine offers very quick and accurate in production environment with automatic Vickers, brinell & Rockwell measurements.

The Universal Testing Machine comes with an analogical dial display with roller tracer to record test curve and a manual loading speed to meet appropriate testing speed.

The Harndness Tester is designed with horizontal protruding nose to help testing on the difficult to reach surfaces. It is used for testing internal surface of ring parts whose diameter is not less than 23mm (0.900”) and external surface of round bars whose diameter is not less than 3mm (0.120”).

Potence Controls provides an all round solution for analytical instrumentation for process, laboratory and portables.

The scratch hardness tester is a suitable apparatus for carrying out the tests relating to resistance to scratch under a specified load.