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Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: KOBA
Maco Corporation (India) offers KOBA range of Industrial Shock Absorbers, which are used in various industries, like factory automation, heavy industry, defense industry and health machines

Maco Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

Model ID: Drylin Slw

Igus (India) offers a range of plastic bearings and motion elements. DryLin SLW is an extremely low profile linear unit with leadscrew drive

Model ID: IPH Series
The Helical Gear Speed Reducer, IPH Series is the modern development and designed specifically for use on systems for single screw extrusion of various materials such as plastic and rubber. It is also widely used in plastic blow moulding machines.

The Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer is compact, totally enclosed and designed for direct mounting on the drive shaft of the equipment to be driven. Direct mounting principle assures positive and permanent alignment of the speed reducer and the driven machine and permits convenient location of the motor, minimizing space requirements and layout problems.

Model ID: IHU Type
The Worm Gear Speed Reducer, IHU Type is characterised by high efficiencies, high load carrying capacities and complete reliability in service.

Premium speed reducers are fitted with taper roller bearings of generous proportions, which in addition to accommodating normal loads imposed by the worm gears, have an ample margin for taking overhung loads.

Model ID: Beier
Power Ace Engineering Company offers Beier speed variators manufactured by Sumitomo Japan. The Beier variator is an adjustable speed drive through a tractional transmission mechanism using multiple metal discs.

Kwedos Belt Drives offers timing belt drives, designed and manufactured with matching pulleys as per international standards.

Safeline V insulated conductor bar system are used for power transmission for mobile machinery. Current capacity ranges from 500 Amps to 2000 Amps rated at 100% duty cycle and 35°C ambient temperature with nominal voltage up to 600V.