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Prime Industrial Products

Autosys can handle a wide variety of materials including those that have difficult flow characteristics and very low bulk densities.

Autosys Engineering Private Limited, Chennai

Elite Material Handling Co offers Lift Tables. Versatile, simple and reliable lift tables let you position, palletize and stack with ease. 

Elite Material Handling Co, Bengaluru

Elite Material Handling Co offers Stacker. The Stacker is an economical and easy to use solution for intermediate load positioning and stacking operations. Choose models ranging from 1,500-2,500 lb capacities with lift heights up to 150'' to tackle your material handling application.

Elite Material Handling Co, Bengaluru

Mec Shot Blasting Equipments Private Limited offers Belt Conveyor. Dry type belt conveyor blasting machines of flat components, for higher production rates are engineered and supplied. The machine works either on direct pressure or suction-induction principle of blasting.

Mec Shot Blasting Equipments Private Limited, Jodhpur

Elequip Tools Private Limited offers Turn Buckles. Turnbuckle is a device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. With body made of solid forgings without weld and galvanized finish, our product confirms to IS: 3121 (or latest).

Elequip Tools Private Limited, Kolkata

Elequip Tools Private Limited offers Slings. Polyester Webbing - These are extremely lightweight hence the logical choice where conventional lifting equipment seems heavier than the load to be lifted. It is Highly recommended in places where surface area finish is the criteria, such as in Automobiles, IT, Interiors etc.

Elequip Tools Private Limited, Kolkata

Elequip Tools Private Limited offers Ratchet Lever Hoist. Hand operated with up to 9 tones lifting capacity, STIER™ series Ratchet Lever Hoist offers best of German technology with perfectly designed housing, gear reinforced frame, brake and fully chrome plated body.

Elequip Tools Private Limited, Kolkata

Elequip Tools Private Limited offers Chain Pulley Blocks. INDEF brand by Hercules Hoist Limited, offers a variety of Chain pulley Blocks manufactured as per Indian standards tested for 50% overload capacity. These chain pulley blocks range from light to heavy-duty variants with Lifting capacity up to 50 tones.

Elequip Tools Private Limited, Kolkata

Model ID: Petra
Petra Lifts Machine units of substantial Construction, Combining Rigidity & Compactness in a Single traction unit with monobloc Gearbox casing that houses motor, brake, Sheave pulley, etc.