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Prime Industrial Products

Schunk Intec offers Lathe Chucks. In the past, operators had to use a variety of different rings. With the ADR from Schunk, only one set with some turning discs is needed, whereby the diameter of the discs is increased in 2 mm increments.

Schunk Intec India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
Prime Industrial Products

All modules, grippers, and rotary actuators stand out due to their extremely high quality, precision and their extremely diverse monitoring options. As with all Schunk products, the precondition for this range of leading-edge technology is continuous innovation.

Schunk Intec India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
Prime Industrial Products

The tool holder is a systematic approach to perfect tool clamping. Every specific application requires a different tool holding system.

Schunk Intec India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Kalra Tools is an NRI enterprise founded in 1979. The promoter has elaborate expertise in cutting tool technology for 25 years in the United Kingdom. The company, a pioneer in 'in-roll taps' for the last two decades in India, offers a wide selection of straight flute, spiral flute, spiral point and thread forming taps.

Bright Burnishing Tools manufactures a complete range of burnishing tools, which are useful in labour saving, cost effective realisable in surface finishing work.

Bright Burnishing Tools Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

Designed and manufactured by Minimatic, the tool presetter is a top of the line alternative to the shop floor presetter and used of the most demanding CNC work.

Minimatic Machines, Rajkot

With the hydraulic expanding mandrel for gear grinding application, one can achieve close run out accuracy below 0.005 mm.

Rotary Engineering Corporation, Rajkot

Model ID: VG20-RC-M4
A Precision, High Speed CNC Revolving Centre with removable inserts, Model VG20-RC-M4 is offered by VPI Innovative Solutions.

VPI Innovative Solutions, Mysore

Model ID: MMS-40/30

Minimatic milling spindle, Model MMS-40/30 is a small and sturdy milling head used for special purpose machines like milling, drilling, boring and turning.

Minimatic Machines, Rajkot