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Prime Industrial Products


Maco Corporation (India) offers DEUBLIN range of Rotary Unions, which is a mechanical device for transmitting fluid from a Stationary source to a rotating part.

Maco Corporation (India) Private Limited, Kolkata

Model ID: HL-165

High Life Industries offers a magnetic stand for all type of drilling machine, Model HL-165 (light duty).

High Life Industries, Ahmedabad

Model ID: Cam Series

Cam Series machine mounts from Talleres Egaña from Spain are equipped with a circular metallic bowl, a synthetic rubber (75-80º Shore) and a hexagonal head screw.

Dynemech Systems Private Limited, New Delhi

Camco® Ring Index Drives comes from DE-STA-CO. Designed to meet customers' exacting requirements, These drives features dramatically larger through-holes to accommodate a variety of automated machinery and equipment, including electrical wiring and air or hydraulic lines.

Precision wedge mounts and anti vibration pads are used for precision levelling and vibration reduction of modern machine tools like CNC machining centres, CNC lathe tools, milling machine, centreless grinding machines, centre lathes, radial drilling machines, slotting machines, power press, hydraulic press brakes, shearing machines and SPMs etc.

Vishwaraj Rubber Industries, Ahmedabad

Sandwich Mounts comes from Vishwaraj Rubber Industries. In industrial machines and manufacturing the cutback of vibration production and vibration release play an important part in the process of plant and machinery in factory.

Vishwaraj Rubber Industries, Ahmedabad

Linear Deceleration Products (Shock Absorbers) manufactured by ACE Automation Control Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Ace Controls of Germany is the world leader in deceleration products for the automation market and all production techniques throughout the engineering spectrum.

ACE Automation Control Equipment Private Limited, Coimbatore

Box guides from Kimura (Japan) are used in machining.

Marvel Machine Tools Private Limited, Mumbai
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