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Timken India Limited offers Single Point Lubricators. Applying lubrication exactly where and when it’s needed will help keep your operations running smoothly.

Hot forging involves plastic forming of heated metals and alloys into desired shapes. In a forge shop, die cost amounts to 10% to 15% of the forging cost.

Steel Plant Specialities LLP, Mumbai

Cenlub Industries Limited is engaged in the field of design, manufacture and supply of centralised lubrication systems for various machines, plants and equipment.

Cenlub Industries Limited, Faridabad

Modcarb India has developed a wide range of Superlube brand specialised lubricants which resist conditions that cause failure of conventional lubricants namely extreme temperatures, very high pressures, highly corrosive conditions and high dust conditions.

Modcarb India Private Limited , New Delhi

Machines today have grown into a high speed generation. Under the high speed and high load operational environment, a versatile lubricant is required to protect the machines from wear of linear guides and other moving parts, yet preventing rust caused by coolant which is unique to machine tool.

Lube Automatic Systems Private Limited, Thane

The 3M Scotch Spray product range consists of a number of different insulating, cleaning, protective and preventative maintenance sprays.

Winterthur Technology Group, Bengaluru

Model ID: Espon-DLW
Steel Plant Specialities offers a range of hot forging lubricants.It increases die life by 30% to as high as 123%.

Steel Plant Specialities LLP, Mumbai

White Grease For Green Vehicles comes from Kluber Lubrication India Pvt. Ltd. To lower a vehicle’s energy consumption, many technologies are being tested in the automotive industry. Weight reduction is of particular concern, which is the reason why in many cases plastics are being used to replace metals.

Kluber Lubrication India Private Limited, Bengaluru
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