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offers a secondary inverter type welding rectifier for best quality welding, Model IR-400, available from 200 A to

Model ID: SU/SUC Series

Cosel Asia has introduced one of the most cost effective, low profile, light weight DC-DC converters, Series SU/SUC. These high quality converters have documented field failure rate of less than .012%

Cosel Asia Limited (India Liason Office), Bengaluru

Model ID: LDC Series

Cosel Asia offers LDC series multiple output AC-DC converters – ranging from +5 V DC, +12 V DC, -12 V DC and +5 V DC, +15 V DC, -15 V DC.

Cosel Asia Limited (India Liason Office), Bengaluru

Solar inverter, Model TN-1500 (1500 W) introduced by Meanwell comes with advanced digital control by microprocessor with true sine wave output (THD <3%) having dual charging system (mains and solar panel – solar panel having priority) with selectable UPS and energy saving mode, high efficiency up to 92% suitable for solar input current up to 30 A max.

Model ID: PS 6000
Used in countless applications, welding systems made by the European market leader Rexroth are the first choice of satisfied car manufacturers, tier one suppliers, and welding equipment manufacturers worldwide. The new PS 6000 system for applications up to 360kA is the sequel to this success story.

Bosch Rexroth (India) Limited, Bengaluru

Model ID: SFLS Series

SFLS series is a super low profile DC-DC converter with height of 4.2 mm from Cosel. The wide line-up of super low-profile and highly efficient isolated surface-mount DC-DC converters includes 10 W-30 W/1.2 V-12 V output allows the user to select a product most optimal to the load.

Cosel Asia Limited (India Liason Office), Bengaluru

Model ID: MCR-SLP-1-UI-O-(-SW)
MCR from Phoenix Contact, available in passive version MCR-SLP-1-UI-O-(-SW) convert sinusoidal alternating currents of 1 and 5 A into the analogue standard signals 0-20 mA and 0-10 V.

Phoenix Contact (India) Private Limited, New Delhi

Model ID: KOM300 Series

KOM300 is an industrial fibre optic converter developed by Kyland.

Trikuta Enterprises Private Limited, Faridabad

Bridge rectifiers are available in current rating – 5-300 A, and voltage – 100-1600 V.

Modern Power Semiconductor Private Limited, Ahmedabad