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Prime Industrial Products

S & C Invotek manufactures Duplex Filter Housings, the design of which permits continuous operation as the flow can be directed to either housing while the other is serviced. One lever controls all the valves in the system, which seals the bubble tight and multi stage strainers are also available in these housings for cost saving.

Jacktech Hydraulics offers Aluminium Bell Housing.

Jacktech Hydraulics, Ahmedabad

Model ID: Termi-D.Seal
Termi-D.Seal, Hepa Housings are designed to be installed in T bar ceiling section and its had easy clamping and filter removal mechanisms.

Pyramid Filters Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: P-SC Series
The P-SC Safe Change Housing series containment housings are typically used on critical processes where dangerous airborne particulate or gases must be prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Pyramid Filters Private Limited, Pune

Combicon Housings from Phoenix Contact is the absolute solution for devices. These housings comprises of different kinds of enclosures, panel mounting base and its accessories for application in the field of industrial electronics. The company provides a variety of electronic housings for specific needs and applications. They are installed quickly and reliably on a common 35 mm DIN rail. Apart from a few exceptions, the connecting terminal blocks can be fitted and machine-soldered during PCB assembly. If a device cannot be installed on the standard DIN rail directly, mounting plates by us are available for adaptation.

Phoenix Contact (India) Private Limited, New Delhi

Filter Concept Inc, a company with immense expertise in filtration technology, offers complete solutions for various filtration requirements of air, gas and liquid for almost all industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals.

Filter Concept Private Limited, Ahmedabad

Rittal’s Hygienic Design enclosures enable food producers to meet the increased requirements of the new International Food Standard (IFS), Version 5, which came into force on 1 August 2007 and is considered the international standard for quality assurance and food safety.

Rittal India P Limited - EPLAN Division, Bengaluru

Khira Steel Works offers machine shop cabinets for safe and systematic storage of costly machine tool bits.

Khira Steel Works Private Limited, Ahmedabad

Khira Tool Cabinets come in four convenient sizes, viz 400 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm and 1625 mm. There are six models which come with standardised drawer combination.

Khira Steel Works Private Limited, Ahmedabad