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A gundrill consists of the drill head, tube and driver, which are brazed together and designed to allow coolant to pass through its entire length. Coolant is fed through the tube to the cutting edge.

Gole Precision Tools Private Limited, Pune

Tulex extra heavy-duty slugging/striking wrenches are designed for use with hammers where impact or shock loading is required for loosening of frozen and rusty nuts and bolts.

Tulex Industrial Tools Private Limited, Dombivli

HSS in-roll taps come with many advantages. These include: chipless tapping – threads are formed by metal displacement method without any cutting action, thus no extra work for removal of stray chips, eliminating difficult cleaning operations and improves product reliability.

Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd offers Box Joint Type Water Pump Liers, based on DIN:5231D.

Hindustan Everest Tools Limited, New Delhi

Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd offers Double Open End Spanners in drop forged chrome vanadium steel with each head set at a 15° angle, slim jaws and long oval shank.

Hindustan Everest Tools Limited, New Delhi

Hydraulic expanding holding devices have opened new means to handle the most intricate clamping situations thoughtfully.

JK Files & Tools has introduced a range of screwdrivers, which most users like to handle. The handle is made of cellulose acetate, which makes it highly impact resistant. It is very carefully shaped to ensure less user fatigue.

Tulex Crow Foot Wrenches, as the name suggests are shaped as a crow's foot. These wrenches are mainly used for assembling of those nuts and bolts, which are inaccessible and the movement of ordinary spanners not possible.

Tulex Industrial Tools Private Limited, Dombivli

EGA Master non-sparking tools in AI-Br and Cu-Be, are the right alternative for non-sparking application purposes in potentially explosive environments.