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Vishal offers Gears. It is 20 DP moulded Delrin gear range. It requires no lubrication. It can be used in special purpose machines or transmission drives. It can also be used with AC synchronous motors or DC stepping motors.

Vishal Electromag Industries, Mumbai

Model ID: Feroform

Apex Precision Mechatronix offers Marine Grade Composite Bearings, Feroform. These bearings are specially developed for wear resistance and stability with oil or water lubrication, making them ideal for underwater applications, such as on propeller shafts and rudder bearings.

Apex Precision Mechatronix Pvt Ltd (Apex Precision Agencies), Mumbai


FEROLUBE- bearings are made for heavy bearing load at low sliding-speeds. The basic material of FEROLUBE will be chosen accordingly mostly copper-alloys, will be equipped with solid-lubricant.

Apex Precision Mechatronix Pvt Ltd (Apex Precision Agencies), Mumbai

Model ID: RB Series
RB Series castors and wheels belong to the Rollin fully tested product range that includes castors and wheels to handle loads as per clients' specific requirements in ideal conditions. A wide range of wheels and tyre materials are available, including the industry acclaimed polyurethane material.

A K Engineering Industries (I) Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Model ID: iglidur V400

The Plastic Plain Bearings, iglidur V400 are highly wear-resistant up to 200°C. These bearings offer extreme resistance to wear for soft shafts that was previously limited to application temperatures up to approx 130°C.

Igus (India) Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Advanced Materials & Tribology offers the Akmet range of self-lubricated dry sliding bushes. It is of composite structure.

AMT Enviraclean Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

ARB Bearings is one of the leading bearing brands of Asia, the companies run by professionals with over forty years of experience in the bearings industry.

INGECO offer Gears. The types of gears available include spur, helical, worm & worm wheel and straight as well as spiral bevels to the highest precision and almost reliability.

Ingeco Gears Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

The sprocket is manufactured from finest quality steel, close grain C.I. and cast steel construction in simplex, duplex, triplex and multistrand as per B.S.S. and A.S.A. standards for 3/8" pitch to 3" pitch.

Ingeco Gears Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad