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Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: Testo 6448
Testo 6448- Designed to monitor and record the compressed air consumption & the flow velocity (m/s) in the measuring range 0 to 80 m/s or 160 m/s.

Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: Testo 6440
Testo 6440: Compressed Air Counters  used to measure, monitor and record compressed air consumption.

Model ID: FS-500
Gems Sensors introduces FS-500 flow switch for liquid flow monitoring. All wetted parts are NSF or FDA compliant, hydrolytically stable, glass filled polypropylene or stainless steel.

Gems Sensors & Controls (CNRG Energy India Pvt Ltd), Mumbai

Switzer flow switches are versatile instruments designed to accept of different sizes with sensors such as Paddle, Piston, Valve disc to handle any fluid.

Electronet Equipments, the renowned technology leader in the field of process control instruments for various process parameters like temperature, flow, pressure, level, conductivity and pH, etc., offers a range of instruments specially manufactured for the process industries.

Model ID: LLC-11
Water/liquid level controllers, LLC-11 and LLC-22, are the most suitable instruments for water/liquid tank level control. The level probe senses the upper/lower level, and operates the relay to energise the motor pump.

Switzer Instrument Limited, offers a complete range of Level Instruments from Delavan, U.S.A. The Delavan series of level instruments offered are of Ultrasonic, Microwave and RF Capacitance type.

The Microcell sensor, the heart of bolt-on level sensing, is a highly sensitive and thermally stable semiconductor strain sensor

Kistler Morse Automation Ltd, Hyderabad

Electronet Equipments Pvt. Ltd. offers flow meters in two main varieties namely Electromagnetic flow meter, Turbine type flow meter.