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Novoflex offers a unique, simple and neat self locking cable tray tie which provides a convenient method of fixing cables to perforated cable trays.

Novoflex Marketing Private Limited, Kolkata

Shielded cables subjected to torsional movements are still plagued by many failures. Energy and data chain expert, igus, has now developed a shielded 3D cable, the individual wires of which can withstand high levels of torsion.

Novoflex offers a full line of quality cable ties, Cab-Lok, in a wide variety of materials, colours, styles, and sizes.These ties are available in natural or black colour. Because the ultraviolet light found in sunlight can cause gradual deterioration in the mechanical properties of polyamide, it is recommended black ties are used outdoors.

Novoflex Marketing Private Limited, Kolkata

Flame proof and other types of cable glands are available as per BS 6121 and EN 50262. These are BW, CW, A1-A2, explosion proof and marine cable glands, available for 1.5 to 1000 sq.mm armoured, unarmoured, control or flexible cables, with required threads like BS conduit, PG and NPT threads.

Salzer Group of Companies, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company with a Government of India recognized R&D center, offers a range of Cable Ducts.

New LeviChain energy chain systems operate suspended in a magentic force field to virtually eliminate abrasion and noise. Iron content is integrated into the energy chain, which is placed between two attracting magnetic rails.

Lapp India offers single core cables – HO5 V-K, HO7 V-K. Application: the single core PVC insulated stranded conductors, which form the basis for most multi-core cables and lines, have varied uses.

Suresh Enterprises manufactures wires and cables out of silicone rubber for high temperature resistance. These are ideally suited for lighting equipment, home appliances, transformers, and other electrical products.

The Harting Technology Group’s new hybrid PROFINET cables combine Profinet data and 24 V power distribution in a single cable. Installation is easier and faster, and machines and systems are more reliable.