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Model ID: AEX Series

ACME Electronics offers Linear Winding Machines. A high speed winding machine with compact construction having casting body for robust mechinical unit and wider LCD display for ease in programming. Suitable for miniature to complex coil with customization facility.

ACME Electronics offers Spiral And Continuous Winder. Programmable winder to wind continuous length of resistance element on various core like asbestos rope, fiber, bill etc.

Model ID: LT - 04

ACME Electronics offers Toroidal Winding Machine. ACME Electronics designs, develops and manufactures Programmable Winding Machines in comprehensive range using world class software and debugging tools for 8 and 16 bit micro controllers to meet customer's specific demands.

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited offers Digital Line Monitoring Relay. RISH Relay V/Hz is used to protect against Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Phase Unbalance, Phase Sequence detection, Phase Failure detection, Under and Over Frequency conditions.


Rishabh Instruments Private Limited, Nashik

Model ID: 96 x 96 mm

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited offers Digital Earth Leakage Relay. The purpose of Earth Leakage protection is to measure the Earth leakage current of an electrical installation, or part of an installation, and interrupt the power supply if the Earth-Leakage current becomes dangerous to property.


Rishabh Instruments Private Limited, Nashik

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited offers Rish Cam Reverse Forward Switch. Rishabh’s new RISH Cam Reverse Forward Switch offers a wide application in motor controlling with maximizing benefits. These switches have wide application in motor control for changing the direction of rotation in Forward and Reverse way with 2 pole and 3 pole options. Reverse Forward Switches have 3 different operating positions – REV, OFF and FOR. These switches are available in 25 A, 32 A, 40 A & 63 A current rating.

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited, Nashik

Trinity Touch Pvt Ltd offers IDEC Force Guided Relays. IDEC has been expanding our line of safety products with the launch of RF1V safety relays and SF1V relay sockets, we continue to enhance our safety offerings. RF1V Force Guided Relays offer fast response times to ensure the circuit is able to open quickly for safety.

Trinity Touch Private Limited, New Delhi

Trinity Touch Pvt Ltd offers IDEC Solid State Relays. Solid State Relays are electromechanical devices where contacts are opened and/or closed by energy in an isolated control circuit. Designed with attention to every detail, IDEC solid state relays are manufactured to ensure precision and quality. IDEC have a built-in heat sink making them easy to install and get running.

Trinity Touch Private Limited, New Delhi

Trinity Touch Pvt Ltd offers IDEC PCB Power Relays. The newest addition to IDEC relay family, were designed with the same attention-to-detail IDEC is known for. The most recent IDEC innovation is a return spring structure for the RJ and RQ PCB relays that eliminates unnecessary weak points improving durability, and increasing electrical conductivity and service life.

Trinity Touch Private Limited, New Delhi