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Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: JAV 031

JVS Electronics Private Limited offers Electronic Hooter JAV 031

JVS Electronics Private Limited, Ramanagara

Connectwell fuse terminal blocks are used in electrical and control systems, which require fuse protection.

Connectwell Industries Private Limited, Dombivli

Model ID: Single Phase & Three Phase Analog
Satronix manufactures single phase and three phase proportional controller for 3-phase heaters. The Satronix single phase and three phase proportional controller is pre-installed on an engineered heatsink, resulting in the optimum thermal transfer in the minimum amount of panel space.

Satronix (India) Private Limited, Mumbai

The Stepper/Servo Drive Controller is microprocessor based controller used for driving Stepper/Servo motors for all cut to length applications. It is possible to control entire cut-to-length operations reliably and accurately.

Orion Electronics, Mumbai

Model ID: PFR 941/942
Rudrashakti Electronics offers sophisticated automatic power factor (PF) correction relays –PF/KVAR controller, Models PFR 941 and PFR 942 with built-in digital PF meter.

Rudrashakti Electronics, Mumbai

Magnets India, Chennai offers Magnet - Schultz Germany make Proportional Solenoids for hydraulics. It is push type and has pressure-proof armature space for static pressure upto 350 bar (also suitable for dry operation).

Mini-Futuro is one of the most rugged and field-tested AMF controllers. It is the most user-friendly and futuristic "auto mains failure” (AMF) solution with multiple features.

Protech Engineering & Controls Private Limited , Mumbai

Autonics Corporation offers single-phase power controllers, SPC1-35 and SPC1-50, with 35 and 50 A rating respectively. The operating voltage is 230 V AC. These power controllers offer various kinds of inputs like 4-20 mA, 1-5 V DC, external variable resistor, external 24 V DC or potential free contact input.

Autonics Automation India Private Limited , Navi Mumbai