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Electronic Weighing Scale are a perfect epitome of modern technology and new innovation. The electronic weighing scales are becoming increasingly popular in industry.

Model ID: MX-1 & MX-2
D B Shah & Brothers offers Corrosion Thickness Gauges, Models MX-1 and MX-2.

D B Shah & Brothers offers the Starrett Ultrasonic Thickness Gage No.

Model ID: ECO
Kiran Electronics offers PTT-ECO, a versatile and sophisticated instrument for the measurement of plating on ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metals.

Kiran Test & Measure Private Limited , Mumbai

Model ID: CW 600HSA
Check Weigher, CW 600HSA, uses state-of-the-art Weigh Cell technology (EMFC) to achieve greater accuracy in dynamic weighing at high speed.

Technofour Electronics Private Limited, Pune

The DWS in-motion weighing systems are used to reduce weighing time of trucks at weighbridge stations and eliminate human involvement with respect to data entry.

TIA Technology (India) Private Limited , Bengaluru

Model ID: CW 600R
Check Weigher, Model CW 600 R uses state-of-the-art technology weigh cell (EMFC) to achieve greater accuracy in dynamic weighing for aerosol, cans, vials, etc.

Technofour Electronics Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: CW 6000
Check Weigher, Model CW 6000, is meant for online dynamic weighing of shipper cartons.

Technofour Electronics Private Limited, Pune

This is microprocessor based electronic belt weigher incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology for continuous weighing applications in cement, steel, chemical, petrochemical industries and coal handling plants. It consists of three major elements such as the weighbridge assembly with precise strain gauge load cell/bending beam load, the belt speed sensor assembly and the electronic cabinet often referred as the totaliser or the integrator.

Elecon ECP Projects Limited, Vitthal Udyognagar