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Nithees Cooling Towers, manufacturers and suppliers of a wide gamut of Cooling Towers, offers a wide array of Round FRP Cooling Towers that are designed by experts.

Nithees Cooling Towers, Coimbatore

Model ID: CFFD series
Coolflow Cooling Towers has introduced CFFD series of Forced Draft Cooling Towers, specially designed for central air conditioning systems, DG sets and other process applications.

Coolflow Cooling Towers Private Limited, New Delhi

Wooden Cooling Towers have special T.E.F.C, IP-55 protected geared motor provided for low rpm and higher air suctions. The main tower structural and other supporting sections are HDG Steel, fastened with SS fasteners.

Classik Cooling Towers, Coimbatore

Natural Draft Cooling Towers also called as Fan Less Fill Less Cooling Towers, these cooling towers are avoid of both fan and fill media. These towers are guaranteed for 100% nil power and maintenance.

Classik Cooling Towers, Coimbatore

Dry Cooling Towers compliments the missions and motto “save water save earth”, it has been responsibility to design and manufacture towers to suit customer’s most precious resource - water and this design accomplishes it.

Classik Cooling Towers, Coimbatore

Cross Flow Cooling Towers are one of the most space saving / energy efficient cooling towers, it’s once again a maintenance delight for the users.

Classik Cooling Towers, Coimbatore

ICT-Square Shape Cooling Towers are put in to use by all major industries to cool the re-cycled water, flow varying from 10 M3/Hr. to 2500 M3/Hr.

Classik Cooling Towers, Coimbatore

Round Shape Cooling Towers also called as ICT (Induced Draft Counter flow Cooling Tower) or popularly known as bottle type are used by all industries to cool their re-cycled process water, flow from 10M3/Hr. to 500 M3/Hr.

Classik Cooling Towers, Coimbatore

Akshat Cooling Towers manufactures FRP induced draft Cooling Towers in round bottle and rectangular versions and also spare parts for any brand/type of cooling towers.

Akshat Cooling Towers Private Limited , Killa-Pardi