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ARB Bearings Limited offers Pro Clutch. ARB Bearings Limited has always been keen on customer service and innovation. From last 25 years their products have always added value to their customer's everyday life. They always strive to give their customers the best products with highest quality.

ARB Bearings Limited, New Delhi

Walpha Engineering offers Thruster Brakes. Electromagnetic Brakes: Suitable for AC supply up to 400 to 440 volts, and are available for a wide range of Drum sizes from 100mm to 380mm diameter.

Walpha Engineering, Navi Mumbai

Walpha Engineering offers Pneumatic Clutches And Brakes. Clutch Torque ranging from 26Kgm (260Nm) to 6700Kgm (67000 Nm) and brake torque range from 18Kgm (180Nm) to 4200Kgm (42000 Nm). 

Walpha Engineering, Navi Mumbai

Walpha Engineering manufacturers Single Disc Electromagnetic Clutches And Brakes. Short and consistently accurate switching times makes these units suitable for applications where repeatability is important. Also wear is compensated automatically and no drag torque is developed during idling. 

Walpha Engineering, Navi Mumbai

Walpha Engineering manufacturers AC DC Brakes. Mfrs AC/DC brakes which are very fast operating solenoid actuated spring loaded brakes of Fail Safe design mounted on the shaft extension of the non driving end of the motor. Due to the springs pressure the friction disc is held tight between the mounting plate and the floating plate.

Walpha Engineering, Navi Mumbai

Walpha Engineering offers Fail Safe Brakes. Fail Safe Brakes are provided with manual release, dust protecting seal, adjustable brake torque, simple wear adjustment, low power requirement, residual free, fast switching times, stationery field (No Springs), and High Operating Frequency and reliability.

Walpha Engineering, Navi Mumbai

The Sprag Clutch can be restrained with a number of variations of torque arm designs. When the clutch is directly mounted to the machine head shaft, the torque arm should be restrained by stops built into the machine framework to prevent reverse rotation and yet allow a small amount of float for inaccuracies in the head shaft bearing and fabrication.

Standard Materials Agencies Private Limited, Mumbai

Golden Engineering Co offers over 2000 types of clutch plates developed for electromagnetic, mechanical and hydraulic clutches and brakes, in sizes 1” to 24 “ OD.

Golden Precision Products Private Limited, Mumbai
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