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Hi Flex Bellow & Engineers offers metallic bellows for industrial applications. Bellows type metallic expansion joints are the most reliable compensator for piping and ducting system for diverse applications involving high temperature and pressure.

Hiflex Bellow & Engineers Private Limited, Raipur

Chamunda Equipments manufactures over 200 standard toggle clamps and fixturing systems. Among them, the following toggle actions are available: Vertical Hold Down Action - Clamps of this type hold the work piece with a downward clamping action.

Rotolinear Systems offer Gummi flexible couplings for high torque transmission. Model BR type has range from 4080 Nm to 150400 Nm nominal torque and with bore sizes 30 to 300 mm. They can transmit a torque value of 4000 and 250000 Nm while keeping their capacity to absorb shaft misalignment, vibration and torque fluctuations.

Frenzelit, a German company having over four decades of experience in the design and manufacture of fabric and elastomer expansion joints, offers full service including application design, proper material selection and industry-accepted standards.

M+V Marketing & Sales Private Limited , Bengaluru

Chamunda Equipment manufactures over 200 models of toggle clamps in various sizes and with a wide range of applications.

A power coupling is used to increase the accuracy of tightening between two shafts in machining the fixed surface of ballscrew and the assembly of servo-motor.

Superslides & Bushes Corporation, Navi Mumbai

Fenaflex Tyre Couplings comes from Fenner (India) Limited.

J K Fenner (India) Limited, Chennai

Pin bush flexible couplings are designed to give long, trouble-free service. They are capable of accommodating a reasonable amount of axial angularity between the shafts and axial movements of shafts during use.

Torque limiter coupling consists of a stock torque limiter and a roller chain type coupling. The torque limiter-coupling combines overload slip protection with the ability to couple driving and driven shafts.