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Pune Techtrol Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of techtrol process monitoring system using IioT.

Pune Techtrol Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: CTPTA-504

deyraj Electricals Private Limited offers CT And PT Analyzer. UDEY ‘CTPTA-504 is a comprehensive CT and PT analyzer. It’s constant voltage and current is highly stable. DSP system controls the constant voltage and current source output and amplitude. This source generates AC of 0-125V and or DC of 0-0.5A current to sample CT.

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai

Model ID: AI-4000

Abhitron India manufacturers an absolutely pocket type breath analyser, Model AI-4000 with vehicle charging facility, having weight of only 200 gm and the life span of the sensor is around 10 years. It detects the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), in human breath, which is set at 45 mg/100 ml BAC.

Fluke Europe offers the Fluke Norma Series of high-precision power analysers. Designed with the latest power measurement technology for the development and test of motors, inverters, lighting systems, power supplies, transformers, and automotive components, the Series consists of the three-phase Fluke Norma 4000 power analyser and the six-phase Fluke Norma 5000 power analyser.

Injection monitoring system gives the graphical representation of an injection cycle. It is useful to detect first, second phase velocities, intensification pressure, specific pressure, biscuit size, etc.

Asia Automation Private Limited, Pune

Long before a machine breaks down, changes occur in its vibration. The technique of analysing these changes is extremely useful in not only rectifying the underlying causes, but also in predicting problems.

Model ID: 6050

Vibration measurement, Condition Monitoring based on frequency-analysis and in-position dynamic balancing of rotors are the three most commonly faced applications of vibration in machinery.

Model ID: 5050

The Vibration analyser 5050 is a very powerful instrument for tackling a variety of vibration problems on rotating machinery.

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