Abrasives & finishing equipment are used to provide a surface with a more refined appearance. In the process, the equipment may also clean, prepare or strengthen a material. Abrasives are very hard materials (often minerals), which are used in a wide range of domestic, industrial and technological applications. These are used to shape or finish a workpiece through rubbing which leads to part of the workpiece being worn away by friction. When finishing a material, it is often thought of as a means to polish the material to gain a smooth surface or even reflective surface; however some finishes require roughening as in beaded, matte or satin finishes. >> Read more
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Union Abrasives, a company founded in 1990, presently manufactures a wide range of Vitrified and Resin Bonded Abrasives for use in centerless, cylindrical, surface, segmental, pedestal, tool and cutter, OPG, snagging, fettling, off hand angle grinders deburring, cutting and slitting of machines.

Valgro Abrasives offers a wide range of Resin Bond Mounted Points.

Osborn Lippert India has world class, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a team of professionals with pan India presence.

Osborn Lippert India Private Limited, Aurangabad

Valgro India offers VXL Deburring Wheels.

Valgro India offers shaft mounted Finishing Wheels, especially useful in cleaning and finishing inaccessible areas.

Valgro Abrasives offers a range of PCB Brushing Machine.

PFERD offers Grinding Discs, CC-Grind range, from August Rüggeberg.

Wendt offers widest range of Resin Bond Diamond/ CBN wheels conforming to FEPA standards from 5mm to 675mm diameter for different Industries / Applications.

The trend in Carbide Drill / Endmill manufacturers is clearly towards high productivity and consistent quality. This has put great demands on the Diamond wheel manufacturers to come up with wheels which can grind faster, put less strain on the machine and Job that is being ground.