Abrasives & finishing equipment are used to provide a surface with a more refined appearance. In the process, the equipment may also clean, prepare or strengthen a material. Abrasives are very hard materials (often minerals), which are used in a wide range of domestic, industrial and technological applications. These are used to shape or finish a workpiece through rubbing which leads to part of the workpiece being worn away by friction. When finishing a material, it is often thought of as a means to polish the material to gain a smooth surface or even reflective surface; however some finishes require roughening as in beaded, matte or satin finishes. >> Read more
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CBN honing sticks are widely used because of their high thermal capability towards heat. CBN abrasive particles retain their shape even at high working temperatures compared to diamond whose points become blunt at high working temperatures.

Valgro Engineers offers Filament Abrasive Wheels & Brushes, Hyzer. These are made of abrasive filaments, produced by extruding a mixture of nylon and abrasive grit.

Model ID: Series 6000

Valgro Engineers offer Cutting & Polishing wheels, Series 6000. They ensure considerable improvement in the cutting rate, thereby reducing the heat and smearing problems.

Valgro Engineers offers Sanding Pads. These are used for perceptible quality enhancement in cleaning/finishing operations. Specifications: available size - 150 x 225 mm; minimum order quantity - 1 box (100 pads). Typical applications: Model 7760 extra duty pad is designed for weld spatter cleaning and removal of heavy rust, discoloration spots and old paint.

R R International offers EasyLoc Discs that are available in coated abrasives and in surface conditioning (SCF) material. Coated abrasive EasyLoc disc is available in variety of material alox, zircon.

Model ID: Hi-Carb
Carborundum offers Abrasive Wheels, Hi-Carb. Fabrication is one of the most important industries requiring a wide range of applications. Size: DC - 180 x 7 x 22.23 mm; DC - 230 x 7 x 22.23 mm. Product features: new "HO7" resin bond system and enhanced grain friability ensures long wheel life, higher material removal rate, and increased productivity.

Carborundum Universal Limited, Chennai

Valgro Engineers manufactures Finishing Mop Wheels. These spindle-mounted mops are manufactured from closely packed valgro material arranged radially around a resin core, and bonded to a steel spindle.

Speedfam India, the leading manufacturer of flat lapping and polishing machines, now offers synthetic diamond powders for lapping and polishing/high mirror finishing operations. Synthetic diamond powder is one of the hardest manmade abrasives used in variety of grinding and polishing applications.

Speedfam (India) Private Limited, Navi Mumbai

R R International offers a wide range of paper and fibre backed Abrasive Discs for the metal working industry. Made from specially treated, tough Aluminium Oxide grains, these discs are used for finshing wooden patterns in foundries, specimen preparations in steel smelting shops, etc.