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Vijayesh Instruments

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Vijayesh Instruments offers Temperature Calibration Systems. It is used for checking thermocouples, RTDs, and such temperature sensors up to 1100°C against precise master sensors. It is portable and most useful for testing purpose in factories, at actual sites and in calibration laboratories.

Vijayesh Instruments offers Pressure Calibration Systems. It is used for checking pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, etc, against precise master test pressure gauges by an easy to operate manual pump.

Digital peak hold temperature indicators are suitable for measuring the temperature of molten metal (ferrous or non-ferrous) in a furnace or ladle. The instrument works on 230 V AC. A printer for record purpose or external large display for remote sensing can be connected to the instrument.

Model ID: RG - 010
Vijayesh Instruments offers rare gas purifier, Model RG - 010. This is used mainly in spectroscopic methods of analysis or applications where an inert atmosphere is required for testing samples.