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VASU Chemicals Private Limited

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VASU Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Chemical Dosing Systems. VASU provides high-grade systems for chemical storage and metering solutions across a comprehensive range of liquids, powders, slurries and emulsions. These systems have applications that include acid handling, wastewater treatment and cooling water dosing.


VASU Chemicals Private Limited, Mumbai

VASU Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Closed Loop Chilled Water Treatment. Chilled Water Systems are an effective way of heating or cooling in buildings, hotels, software parks etc as well as industrial processes like cooling of gas engines, compressors, air washers etc.

ASU Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Raw Water and Waste Water Treatment. Water used in commercial and industrial applications is a crucial component in practically all processes. Raw/makeup water quality varies based on different sources of water, namely sea, lakes, rivers, groundwater etc. 

VASU Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Boiler Water Treatment. A boiler generates steam and is used to drive turbines to generate electricity. The steam reduced by the boiler is also used for various purposes including: Air Conditioning systems, heating hot water, process applications, driving steam engines and marine application. Large boilers are used for commercial, industrial, utility and many more applications.

VASU Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Cooling Water Treatment. Cooling towers are used widely due to their optimal cooling technology for industrial processes and HVAC applications. Water shortages combined with increased water usage have combined to decrease the availability and increase the cost of high quality makeup water for cooling tower systems.