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The quick exhaust valve is designed to unload the system quickly.

Unijet amplifier blow off/vacuum gun utilises the Coanda Effect to create air motion in its surroundings.

Unijet offers solenoid operated poppet valves available with either normally open or normally closed conditions. The normally closed model blocks flow when in its normal position, and permits flow when it is actuated.

Unijet offers energy saving air amplifier blow gun and vacuum gun. Air amplifiers (blow off/vacuum gun) utilise the coanda effect to create air motion in their surroundings.

Unijet Corporation offers Air Operated Valves. The company manufactures pilot operated valves, solenoid valves, gun metal non return valves, air receiver check valves, quick exhaust valves, safety valves, pressure regulators, hand lever valves, air amplifier blow guns, vacuum guns, air guns, etc.

Unijet Corporation, an ISO 9001 registered company, offers world class pilot operated pneumatic valves. The pilot operated valve has high flow, two position, and spring return and direction control provisions.