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Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt Ltd

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Ultramax Hydrojet provides high efficient performing filter cleaning machine. Features: High pressure water spray cleaning with efficient cleaning; washing and drying in single chamber and multi chamber machines available; proven machine and had customer purchase repeatedly; air pre clean, water spray and hot air drying process,etc.

Ultramax Hydrojet provides bearing cleaning machine. Features: Used for degreasing and pressure washing applications, these bearing cleaning machines are easy to operate and require low maintenance,Known for the low maintenance and consistency in cleaning,etc.

Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt Ltd offers a Front Loading Parts Washer. The front loading rotary parts washer, FLWM series, belongs to the family of different cabinet washing machines have a vertical automatic front door opening and it is specially designed for the simple and effective degreasing, rinsing and hot air blowing for heavy and bigger components and also for medium sized high volume components.

Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt Ltd offers an Indexing Parts Washer.

Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt Ltd offers Bin Crate Washing Machines.

Model ID: TS&H Series

Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt Ltd (UHPL) offers a top loading type Rotary Parts Washer, TS&H Series.

The Water Jet Cleaner is used for cleaning, degreasing, de-burring, de-scaling, pressure testing for all engineering components, by using high-pressurised hot water with 50 bar to 150 bar at various discharge of 15 LPM to 150 LPM.