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Tribotech India

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Tribotech offers Nitrox – a Nitrogen Generator.Tribotech, established in the year 1995, is one of the most trusted distributors, wholesalers and exporters engaged in offering a wide range of measurement and alignment systems and maintenance products.

Tribotech offers a range of Induction Heaters, Josam brand. Conventional methods like gas heating are not acceptable by many manufacturers, as the physical properties of the metal to be heated will change besides most of the parts to be dismounted from the body.

Model ID: Tt100
Tribotech India offers an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Model TT100, which has portable size and easy operation.

Tribotech India, Mumbai

Model ID: VM213

Tribotech offers a Pocket Vibration Meter, VM213. This is ideal for most machine vibration applications and monitoring. This is an ideal standalone device to keep track of trends in condition monitoring.

Tribotech India, Mumbai

Model ID: STE3

Tribotech offers an Electronic Stethoscope, STE3. This is an ideal easy to use listening device for mechanically generated noise in all types of applications.

Model ID: TII20EL

Tribotech offers Portable Infrared Thermometer, TII20EL. This is used for wide range of fast and reliable non-contact temperature measurement applications.

Model ID: VMI X-Viber

Tribotech offers Vibration Instruments, VMI X-Viber. It is a 400 gm handheld instrument. It is highly reliable. It ensures high performance. It has selectable measurement unit, average value, frequency range and alarm level.

Tribotech offers a professional Fat Max Laser Based Distance Measurer. This is ideal for appraisers, carpenters, plumbers, technicians, floor and tile layers, painters, fabrication and engineering jobs.

Model ID: Easy Laser D80
Damalini AB, Sweden, manufactures laser-based systems for measuring and aligning of machine and plants. Easy Laser D80 is a compact, light weight unit that fits application for alignment of sheave/pulley.