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The Prolific

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Prime Industrial Products

At Tuff Temp Corp. we have a fully equipped fabricating shop, which is capable of producing highly, customized pads (i.e. scoop pads, vacuum pads, etc.), liners, seals, gaskets and expansion joints to meet your unique high temperature needs. Our on site technicians can provide customized form cutting, hole punching, sewing and slitting to meet your unique specifications.

The Prolific, Kolkata
Prime Industrial Products

Stainless Steel Belts can provide unique solutions to many applications. The plain stainless steel belts are created by welding together two ends of a metal tape to form an endless belt. The high-energy beam welding techniques, pioneered in the space program, form a high integrity butt weld that is extremely strong and smooth.

The Prolific, Kolkata

The Prolific offers stainless steel Drive Tape for use on Plasma Cutting Machines.

The Prolific, Kolkata

The Prolific offers Steel Heat Sealing Bands manufactured by Belt Technologies, Europe. These are available as per customer specifications as well as in a standard range of commonly used widths and thicknesses

The Prolific offers high temperature resistant Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes and Ropes for horizontal toughening and tempering furnaces.

The Prolific offers Belts for FFS(Form, Fill & Seal) Machine. Frequently used in process applications, these belts provide an excellent way of maintaining perfect control of sheet or film products during processing.

The Prolific, Kolkata

TUFF TEMP high temperature resistant Conveyor Belts meet all the criteria required in manufacturing of hot glass, such as superior temperature resistance, superior cut and abrasion resistance, and superior mechanical performance.

The Prolific, Kolkata

Timing Belts are used for drawing packaging wrapper in FFS Machines. These belts are with Rubber cover to provide positive holding power to the product, an excellent way of maintaining perfect control of sheet during processing. These timing Belts are with both polyurethane and neoprene bases.

The Prolific, Kolkata

The Prolific offers Steel Belts for solar cell applications.

The Prolific, Kolkata

Tuff Temp Corp. offers a complete line of high temperature resistant Textile Products such as Woven Tapes & Sleeves, Knitted Sleeves, Non-Woven Needle Punched Felts & Ropes based on Stainless Steel.