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Testo India Private Limited

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Testo India Pvt Ltd offers Pneumator - Pressure Calibrator. Salient features: not every pressure or differential pressure calibration can be processed in the laboratory – the uninstallation of the equipment is often interdicted, or not desired.

The Digital Thermometer is smallest folding thermometer in its class with handy, practical, and strong support when carrying out monitoring measurements.

The robust waterproof mini thermometer can be simply cleaned under running water or in a dishwasher.

The new temperature and humidity-measuring instrument Testo 623 shows current and past temperature and humidity values in a large clear display.

Testo India Private Limited, Pune

The Testo 635 is a sleek portable instrument and comes in two variants with and without memory. In both the variants different types of probes for measurement of temperature, humidity, material moisture, and pressure dew point.

Testo India Private Limited, Pune

The Infrared Thermometer, Testo 845, is a unique IR thermometer in its class. The instrument has a switchable optics between long distance of 1.2 metres from the object; the measurement point diameter is only 16mm and close focus (very small) up to 1 mm ? from a distance of 70 mm.

Testo Offers Sound level meter, Testo 815, with microphone, wind protection cap and battery. The ideal instrument is for daily use. Whether it is for air conditioning or heating, disco noise, machine noise or noise in combustion systems, testo 815 is the ideal measuring device.

Testo India Private Limited, Pune

The LED stroboscope, Testo 477 measures rotation and vibration movements and allows the measurement on the fly.

Model ID: Testo 405
The Thermal anemometer, Testo 405, has a telescopic handle (max. extension length: 300 mm).

Testo India Private Limited, Pune

The Vane Anemometer, Testo 410-2, is designed for the measurement of airflow velocity, temperature and humidity.

Testo India Private Limited, Pune