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System Control

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System Control offers 12 kV retrofit type VCB. Features: The circuit breaker is only operated as and when required; the frequency of maintenance of ACB/BOCB/MOCB is dependent on number of short circuit operations and the switching applications,etc.

System Control offers a Load Break Switch. The 11 kV/22 kV load break switches are manufactured suitable for mounting on a panel.

System Control, Salem

System Control offers 12 kV Retrofit VCB (voltage circuit breaker). In India the installation of switchgear started with ACBs, BOCBs, MOCBs, etc., and these arrangements are in service for more than five decades.

System Control, certified by ICL Ltd under ISO 9001: 2000, offers Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels.

System Control offers Outdoor Kiosk type Vacuum Circuit Breakers, manufactured in 11 kV, 22 kV and 33 kV configurations.

Model ID: Sysvac-CAP
System Control offers a Capacitor Switch, Type SYSVAC-CAP. Capacitor switches are suitable for mounting on a power systems network for improving the power factor.

System Control, Salem