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SS Engineering Corporation

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SS Engineering Corporation offers Process And Ultra Pure Water Plants. A process and a configuration for producing ultra-pure water for a semiconductor manufacturing plant containing a plurality of manufacturing units. In a first purification step, untreated water undergoes preliminary purification in amounts required for the plant.

SS Engineering Corporation offers Noise Pollution Control System. They are also undertaking Noise Pollution Control Projects on turnkey basis for various types of industries like Cement, Paper, Sugar, Chemical, Textile & Electroplating.etc. to control the Noise of D.G.Set, Machine etc.

SS Engineering Corporation, Noida

SS Engineering Corporation offers Drinking Water Treatment Plant. Public Water Systems (PWSs) come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are exactly the same. They may be publicly or privately owned and maintained. While their design may vary, they all share the same goal - providing safe, reliable drinking water to the communities they serve.

SS Engineering Corporation offers Desalination Plants. They are engaged in offering RO desalination plant that is widely used for removing the excessive salt and other minerals from the water and making it suitable for consumption.

SS Engineering Corporation offers Biological Treatment Plants. Biological Wastewater Treatment System is a patented, composite biostimulator that provides critical nutrients to microbes in a form that accelerates their reproduction and enhances their performance. The unique coating provides time-released feeding for the growth and health of microbes that remediate waste.


SS Engineering Corporation offers Chemical Treatment Effluent. Treatment of chemical industrial wastewater from building and construction chemicals factory and plastic shoes manufacturing factory was investigated. The two factories discharge their wastewater into the public sewerage network.

SS Engineering Corporation offers a variety of treatment alternatives, in sewage treatment starting from small-prefabricated package plants to multi million gallon capacity municipal sewage treatment plants.

SS Engineering Corporation, Noida

SS Engineering Corporation offers Sludge Dewatering Systems. A sludge dewatering system comprising a moving foraminous belt (10) having a horizontal conveying run on which sludge is carried to permit drainage of water therefrom through the belt.

SS Engineering Corporation offers Boiler Water Treatment Plant. Water treatment is required to provide the physical plant with properly treated water in sufficient quantities to meet plant needs.