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Sealed Air India Private Limited

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Sealed Air is a leading global manufacturer of materials and systems for protective, presentation and fresh food packaging and performance solutions in the industrial, food and consumer market.

Sealed Air (India) has introduced Instapak® TempGuard™ Cold Chain Packaging system.

The PackTiger™ paper packaging system introduced by Sealed Air is the fastest paper packaging system in the industry.

Model ID: Airplus

Sealed Air Corporation has introduced AIRplus® – strong pillows of air, to cushion and protect the packages. AIRplus air pillows are low-cost, highly effective interior cushion, block and brace and void fill option that deliver significant benefits.

Inflatable packaging is a versatile, cost-efficient system that produces adjustable height cushions for applications of varied sizes. This packaging is produced on-demand with limited operator involvement.

Air Cellular Cushioned Mailers provide a convenient and economical method for shipping small, semi-fragile and non-fragile items.

Fill Air Inflatable Packaging System is an efficient on-line, on-site, on-demand production of lightweight air-cushion packaging .The Fill-Air system quickly converts compact rolls of special formulated tubular material into continuous, perforated chain of air-filled cushions.

Instapak Foam in Place Packaging is a fast, easy, and versatile process for on-line on-site production of protective polyurethane foam packages. This foam packing material and system is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities.

Sealed Air Corporation has launched a new product Fill Air™ RF Packaging System ideal for on-line or individual work station installations.

Model ID: Mic-Pac

Mic-Pac™ super-light loose fill packaging is extremely suit able for void filling and cushioning. It flows quickly and evenly, filling all spaces around different shape and size articles.