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S & C Invotek

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Prime Industrial Products

S & C Invotek manufactures and offers bag and cartridge filters.

Prime Industrial Products

S&C Invotek manufactures Liquid Filtration Systems for high and low viscous liquids used in the process of engineering and process industries. The range of products includes liquid bag filters.

Prime Industrial Products

S & C Invotek manufactures Duplex Filter Housings, the design of which permits continuous operation as the flow can be directed to either housing while the other is serviced. One lever controls all the valves in the system, which seals the bubble tight and multi stage strainers are also available in these housings for cost saving.

S & C Invotek manufactures a Mobile Filter System which is user-friendly for the shop floor requirements and it is easy to move from around different places on the shopfloor wherever batch filtration is required.

S & C Invotek offers a range of Surface Filter Bags.

S & C Invotek offers a range of Surface Filter Bags. These filter bags are for heavy dirt load application.

S & C Invotek offers Stainless Steel Filter Elements. These stainless steel filter elements are rated 5-800 microns at 95% efficiency. These stainless steel cartridge elements overcome the temperature and compatibility limitations of fabric or synthetic fibre cartridges.

S & C Invotek offers Carbon Adsorption Unit. This caters to all major process industries like food, pharma bio, chemical, paint, breweries, distilleries and SPMs.

S & C Invotek offers Simplex Filter Housing. This filter housing sizes up to 220 GPM, which can be used as a basket strainer and a bag filter.

S & C Invotek is engaged in designing and manufacturing of filtration products for engineering and process industries like bag filters, membranes cartridge filters, vent filters and steam filters.