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Ruby Electronic Enterprises offers a range of Solid State Relays and Switches to rid users of the nuisance of frequent replacement of contacts and save...

Ruby Electronic Enterprises, Mumbai

Ruby Electronic Enterprises offers Control Assembly Cards. It is available in ratings of 2 A to 6 A/230 V to 415 V. It is suitable for R, C or L loads. Features: input control - PNP/NPN control, logic compatible; switching - zero voltage or random; and input to output - optically isolated.

Ruby Electronic Enterprises, Mumbai

Ruby Electronic Enterprises offers AC power control modules. It is thyristor AC voltage control with control signal of 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V for proportional power output 0 to 100% of input power.

Ruby Electronic Enterprises offers thyristor AC switch drivers, PCB mounting compact module to switch thyristor up to 5000 A, for all types of loads AC/DC with PF of 0.5 or less.