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Pune Techtrol Private Limited

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Model ID: MFGS

Pune Techtrol offers Techtrol miniature float switches, series – MFGS

Pune Techtrol Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: Microflex LR
Integral ultrasonic transmitter for dusty and dirty environments. It is a new range of smart non-contact level transmitter Microflex LR for liquids, slurries, solids, pellets and powder up to 60 mtrs range.

Model ID: TWMS

Pune Techtrol Pvt Ltd offers Techtrol Wireless Level Monitoring System - TWMS, to monitor levels in tanks and dams. It consists of a Transmitting Unit (TU), wired to a level switch or transmitter. The level sensed by the switch or transmitter is received by the Receiving Unit (RU) and 5 mobile cells, or both, at fixed intervals through a GSM network.

Pune Techtrol Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: WFG
Pune Techtrol Pvt Ltd offers a Weldpad Gauge, Model WFG. This is specifically designed with reflex gauge glass for visual indication of liquid levels in storage/process tanks. It is a standard practice to install weldpad gauge in tanks, where there are space limitations or heavy vibrations or the service liquid contains suspended particles – in situation where conventional gauges with valves are not suitable.

Pune Techtrol Private Limited, Pune

Pune Techtrol Pvt Ltd offers an economical Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, ‘Ultratech’.

Pune Techtrol Pvt Ltd offers Techtrol brand Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge – MLG. This is designed for visual level indication and remote monitoring of aggressive, agitated, hazardous, toxic, flammable and contaminated liquids under high temperature and pressure conditions.

Pune Techtrol Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: VLC

A magnetically coupled vertical type float operated, bistable switching device mounted in a robust steel chamber, for external mounting on steam boilers & pressure vessels.

Model ID: ADS

A compact and easy to install switch for highly viscous, dirty & contaminated liquids.

Pune Techtrol Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: MFGS
Pune Techtrol offers Mini Level Switches, "MFGS". It is compact, reliable and economical magnetic float operated on-off switches. It is installed vertically to provide actuation at "high", "low" or intermediate liquid levels for automatic control of auxiliary devices like pumps, solenoid valves, hooters, lamps and contactors.