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Process and Technology

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Model ID: HESR-900

The model HESR-900 is a newly introduced Heat Exchanger Water Scale Removal Compound. 

Process and Technology, Vadodara

Model ID: IFC-300
Process & Technology has launched an Industrial Floor Cleaner, IFC-300. The hygienic condition of some of the industrial floorings requires adhering to a minimum number of bacterial count per sq.ft of the floor. Particularly the demands of flooring for industrial floors for food processing, pharmaceuticals, dairies, etc., have to meet critical hygienic conditions.

Model ID: WSR
Process & Technology has launched a Water Scale Remover - WSR. Deposition of water scales in heating elements of geyser unit/heat exchanger is a major industrial problem.

Process & Technology offers a range of Floor Cleaners for Industrial and Household Floorings.

Process & Technology offers a Soldering Flux – SFX-322.

Process & Technology offers a range of Floor Cleaners For Industrial and Household Floorings.