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SycoTec of Germany specialises in the manufacture of electric Motor-Elements meant for use in machine tools, automotive applications, automation, transportation, domestic appliances and also for the aeronautic sector, to produce synchronous or asynchronous motors.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

SycoTec of Germany offers High-Frequency Spindles for engraving, milling, drilling, and grinding PI-TECH Services, the Sole Representatives in India. The company specialises in the manufacture of high-frequency spindles for use on engraving machines, as well as on other machines meant for milling, drilling, or grinding.

PI-Tech Services offer a comprehensive range of Italian Pneumatic Feeders for presses, for feeding the material in coil form, procured from reliable and trusted foreign vendors.

Pi-Tech Services offers a range of End-Mills and Carbide-Burrs manufactured by M/s Cerin of Italy.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

PI-TECH Services offers Wire Die-Springs, which is designed and manufactured by Bordignon of Italy. These springs are available in external diameters suitable for housing hole sizes ranging from 16 mm to 38 mm and in free-lengths ranging from 20 mm to 200 mm as per the size selection table.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

Amreline of Italy specialises in the manufacture of dispensers (blank-ejectors) for sheet-metal working, for the removal of blanks from the bottom of the die.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

Amreline of Italy specialises in the manufacture of cam-slides for sheet-metal working, for hole punching (at right-angles or inclined); or for bending or calibration, non-vertical flanging, or for forming an angle.

Quiri of France, established 130 years ago, specialise in the design and manufacture of components that use high-pressure fluids.

Pi-Tech Services offers Air-Oil Lubricator. This is a new type of lubricator which injects the oil into the bearings in a timed-cycle. Operation: The oil is pushed ahead through compressed-air pressure, at given intervals of time.