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Paramount Limited

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Paramount Ltd offers Ultra Filtration. Ultrafiltration works using hydrostatic pressure to force the liquid against a semi-permeable membrane, often utilizing cross-flow membrane filtration. Water and low molecular weight compounds come in permeate through the membrane, whilst suspended solids and high molecular weight compounds remain as a reject.

Paramount Ltd offers Micro Filtration. Microfiltration (MF) is a process which removes suspended & colloidal impurities from the liquid by passing it through a micro porous membrane, physically excluding particulate matter. Microfiltration is a low-pressure cross-flow & dead end membrane process for separating colloidal and suspended particle.

Paramount Ltd offers Nano Filtration. Nanofiltration (NF), in concept and operation, is more or less similar to reverse osmosis (RO). The main difference is the percentage of removal of salts & its operating pressure. Nanofiltration (NF) allows the monovalent ions to pass through the membranes such as chlorides.

Paramount Ltd offers Static Mixers. Paramount Designs and fabricates baffle type Inline Static Mixer to achieve complete mixing of dosing chemicals with effluent/water. The Static Mixers are fitted with piping and do not require any additional support structure. The Static Mixer fabricated by Paramount are designed to have low pressure drop & have no moving parts. 

Paramount Ltd offers Activated Carbon Filters. Activated carbon filters are used for different purposes as pre-treatment to various process needs. The high adsorptive capacity of activated carbon enables it to remove the test, odour causing compounds & other traces of organics from the water. 

Paramount Ltd offers Multi Media Filters. Pressure sand filters are also referred as "Dual Media / Multimedia filters". They are used to filters the water to remove the turbidity & suspended solids in water. They have commonly employed filtration units and largely found in the following sectors. 

Paramount Ltd offers Gravity Sand Filter. Rapid gravity sand filters are normally employed in large raw water treatment plants wherein utilization of pressure sand filters become uneconomical from the point of view of the requirement of large plot areas due to limitation posed by sizes of sand filter vessels. Rapid gravity sand filters are predominantly RCC constructions having multiple filter beds complete with internal piping, filter water collection channel, under drainage system, gravel media to support the sand media.

Paramount Ltd manufacturers Walnut Filters. Paramount designs, manufactures, deliver Walnut filter for removal of oil and grease in water. Paramount can deliver these in various capacities and sizes tailor made on a turnkey basis, or as package units depending on the size & logistics for any flow capacity. Paramount designs these plants in manual or semiautomatic made based on PLC or DCS operations.

Paramount Ltd offers Side Stream Filters. Side Stream filtration is a term used generally for cooling tower filtration systems. where, a percentage of water is withdrawn from the cooling tower sump / circulating water pipe, filtered and put back into the sump.

Paramount Ltd offers Pressure Sand Filter. Pressure sand filters / Multi Media Filter are of steel construction with the system operating on the feed water pumping pressure. Filters are designed based on specific volumetric flow rate per unit cross sectional filtration area. Multiple sand filter vessels are installed to augment the treatment to the required capacity from a logistic point of view.