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Neptune India Limited

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Model ID: RM Series

Neptune India Limited offers Dual Setting Controller. Intelligent RM Series P F Controllers are used for measurement and control of P F control units for central reactive power compensation.

Neptune India Ltd offers Harmonic Block Reactors. Neptune filter circuit are designed as three-phase reactors with an iron core and air gap. Harmonic Filter Reactors are made out of highest quality material and very stringent quality control.

Neptune India Ltd offers Hybrid Filters. Hybrid Power conditioning system is a combination of Dynamic Activcomp Thyristor based Power Factor Correction System and IGBT fired Active Harmonic Filtration System offers most viable and economical solution for both Power Factor Compensation and Harmonic Mitigation.

Neptune India Ltd offers APP Capacitors. Neptune APP Capacitors are manufactured using Double Hazy Double Thick Polypropylene films as dielectric between two electrodes of thick soft annealed, 99.35% purity of Aluminium foil and have extended foil construction. Power leads are soldered to the extended portion to make a strong and positive electrical contact which can withstand Heavy inrush and discharge current.

Neptune India Ltd offers Active Harmonic Filters. Active filters are power electronic devices connected in parallel with the load to be compensated. The device can be thought of as a controlled current source, which provides any kind of current waveform in real time.

Neptune India Ltd offers Passive Harmonic Filters. Most of the mentioned filtering techniques have common drawback of higher cost compared to Passive Filtering techniques. Consequently, the harmonic filtering techniques to a large extent are still the most commonly used techniques for current harmonics mitigation of 6-pulse front-end diode rectifier application.

Neptune India Ltd offers Duca Power XD Capacitors. The capacitors making up the DUCAPOWER Super Heavy Duty Series are used in static & automatic power factor correction equipment. The series has three capacitor elements wired internally in a delta connection. The capacitors making up the new series are obtained using three elements wound with the new PPMh and positioned inside metal case.