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Self Cleaning Filter is used for continuous unattended filtration. Features: The filtration system is installed on the discharge of the pump for on line filtration, and the contaminated liquid flows through these filters,etc.

Micropore offers Whole House Water Filter (for individual houses). Micropore is a professionally managed manufacturer and supplier of unique designed bag filters, basket strainers, multi basket filters, etc.

Micropore offers a range of Bag Filters, which important industrial process filters used in the industries.

Micropore offers a range of Filters for Steam and Gas Turbines.

Micropore offers self-cleaning Filters for continuous unattended filtration.

Micropore has introduced a Water Re-Cycling Plant for washing of buses and cars.

Micropore offers turbine oil filters for VG 46 grade oil circulation. Features: The offered turbine oil filtration system dehydrates filters, de-aerates and purifies the turbine oil efficiently while maintaining its lubricating properties,etc.

Micropore offers self-cleaning filters for continuous unattended filtration. Solid liquid separation in sugar industry was initially limited to very preliminary level of separation to basically removal of very large impurity particles.

Micropore offers Aquacell 500, a grey-water recycling system. The Aquacell 500 systems consists of two tanks that can be installed in a cellar, garage or other room very easily.