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McElroy India

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McElroy India offers the DataLogger® 5 with the ability to record and document the parameters of the pipe fusion process.

McElroy offers Socket Tooling, which will fuse ½” CTS to 4” IPS (16mm to 125mm) pipe and is perfect for installing fittings.

McElroy India, Bengaluru

McElroy offers Fusion Machine, 2LC, Which will butt fuse ½’’ CTS to 2’’ IPS (16mm to 60mm) pipe.

Model ID: 1LC
McElroy India offers Fusion Machine, 1LC will butt fuse 1/2” CTS to 1” IPS (16mm - 34mm).

Model ID: Mini-Mc®
McElroy India offers Fusion Machine, Mini-Mc®, will butt fuse ½’’ CTS to 1’’ IPS (16mm to 34mm) service sizes.

McElroy, a leader in pipe fusion equipment and accessories, offers a Guided Side Bend Tester. The quality assurance device performs a qualitative test for ductility in a fusion joint.

Model ID: TRACSTAR 500
McElroy India offers it latest, third generation Fusion (welding) Machine, the TracStar® 500. About 17 years ago the company had introduced the world's first self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain Fusion Machine in the TracStar 500.

Model ID: Pit Bull® 26
McElroy’s line of Pit Bull® Fusion Machines are compact, lightweight and rugged. The Pit Bull 26 fuses polypropylene pipe sizes from 63mm to 160mm.

McElroy India, Bengaluru