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Krystal Surface Solution

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Prime Industrial Products

Star Dip comes in liquid form and is used in cleaning complicated and non-reachable areas of SS components such as external and internal of pipes, wire rolls, and internal recessed areas of machinery.

Prime Industrial Products

Star Spray comes in semi-gel form is extremely safe and easy to use.

Prime Industrial Products

Star 100 is a sulphur-free degreaser for removing mid rust, dirt, buffing compounds, oil, grease, soil, etc.

Krystal Surface Solution offers StarTM Nozzle Gel – an anti-spatter nozzle gel for MIG and CO2 welding.

Krystal Surface Solution offers Spatter Remover 511, an innovative product that has transformed the welding methods.

Star Pass-2 is a natural organic liquid chemical compound that is used for cleaning and passivating SS equipments in food, dairy, cosmetic, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Krystal Surface Solution, Thane

Passivation is a necessity after every pickling operation procedure. Star Pass-1 is used for general industrial purpose SS equipment and piping.

Krystal Surface Solution offers STAR Gel a Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Pickling Paste/Gel used to clean stainless steel weld seams and surrounding areas.