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Idealin Fogging Systems

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Idealin Fogging Systems offers Digital RH Controller. This controller is specially designed for humidity control only.

Model ID: D-150
De Humidifier, D-150 is a streamline model that helps to dehumidifies the surroundings by extracting a total of 12 liters of water per day.

Model ID: Hy Fog
Hy Fog Humidifier is the alternative to the conventional air-cooling and humidification systems used in industries like textiles, agriculture, livestock and others.

Model ID: Zyclone-2i FL
Idealin Fogging Systems offers Humidifiers, Zyclone-2i FL. It is extremely useful for spot humidification requirements of the textile industry ranging from ginning/ pressing to spinning, winding, mixing, blow-rooms, cards, etc.

Model ID: Fog Max
Idealin Fogging Systems offers a Humidifier, Fog Max. It is silent, portable and can be used even for domestic purposes. It produces absolutely droplet-free humidification. It is generally utilised in small rooms facing humidification problems.