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Guru Technology Services

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Guru Technology Services offers a wide range of Filtration Solutions for air, gas and liquids.

Guru Technology Services offer Compressed Air/Gas Dryers from its associate company.

Guru Technology Services manufactures Dust Collector Systems that include bag houses and filter bags made from different non woven felts and woven materials sourced from leading media suppliers.

Guru Technology Services, Vadodara

Guru Technology Services offers a wide range of Filtration Products. The product range includes Air Filters, Liquid Filters, Bag Filters, Process Filters, Wet Filtration, Strainers, Compressed Air / Gas Filters, Air Intake Filters, Dust Collector Bags, Transformer Oil Filters, Compressed Air / Gas Dryers, Filter Elements, etc.

Pollution at work places is a serious health hazard, more so when it comes to paint shops. For the paint shop operator, it is very important not to inhale the air contaminated with unused paint spray.

Guru Technology Services offers Filter Bags. These bags are made from Nomex needle felt fabrics and are used in asphalt plant.

Guru Technology Services offers Dust Collector Bags. The dust collector bags are stitched from polyester, PP, fibreglass, ryton and other fabrics. These also replace media and repairs air filters for blowers, panel and box type filters.

Guru Technology Services, Vadodara

Filter elements for paint and coatings are part of Guru Technology Services’ wide range of filter elements for various applications.