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Grindwell Norton Limited

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The Saint-Gobain brand is the market leader in fibreglass insect screens.

Grindwell Norton Limited, Bengaluru

Grindwell Norton Ltd (GNO) offers Non-Woven Abrasives. These abrasives find application in everything in day-to-day life. From the newsprint on which daily newspaper is printed to parts of aircrafts, satellites and space shuttles, abrasives are vital for processing every man-made object on earth.

Grindwell Norton Limited, Bengaluru

Bear-Tex Abrasives offers abrasive hand pads. These are available in a convenient size of 6"x 9"and come in a range of grades to suit different applications.

Grindwell Norton offers Bear-Tex brand polishing wheels made by compressing a number of layers of flat stock to obtain wheels of different densities

Bear-Tex Abrasives offers red aluminium oxide fine abrasive hand pads with fine grade aluminium oxide grain, open structure.

Bear-Tex Abrasives offers brown aluminium oxide medium abrasive hand pads with medium grit aluminium oxide grain.