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Global Electronics

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Model ID: DHT 201
Global Electronics, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, offers a Smart Hygrometer, Model DHT 201. Global Electronics was established in 1977 with an objective to manufacture high quality, professional instruments and systems.

Global Electronics, Hyderabad

Model ID: DPH 508
Global Electronics offers a microprocessor pH meter, DPH 508. Salient features: advanced microprocessor based design; simultaneous display of pH and temperature; auto buffer recognition of 7, 4 and 10 pH buffers; etc.

Global Electronics, Hyderabad

Model ID: 708 With Sys2print
Global Electronics offers a wide range of electronic products suitable for use in the process industry.

Global Electronics, Hyderabad

Model ID: DPH 503
Global Electronics offers a pH Control System, DPH 503. This is a complete batch control system. Features: single or two stage operation; advanced dual mark space control algorithm for precise control; extensive programming facilities to adapt to any titration curve or process; etc.

Global Electronics, Hyderabad

Model ID: DPH 504
Global Electronics offers a pH Meter, DPH 504. Features: rugged laboratory grade instrument; automatic temperature compensation, and display of solution temperature.

Global Electronics, Hyderabad

Model ID: DTM 708
Global Electronics offers a Temperature Scanner, DTM 708. This scanner has a large 1" display for data with models for RTD/thermocouple/mA inputs and incorporated with 16 channels also with a channel skip facility.

Model ID: 5008R
Global Electronics offers a Retractable Electrode Holder, 5008R. Salient features: 25 mm socket mounted SS316 retractable pressurisable electrode holder; manual or pneumatic operation; permits cleaning and calibration of pH electrode without process interruption; electrode sealed off from process in cleaning chamber when retracted; additional steaming chamber for sterilisation of ph electrode; standard 25 mm socket mounting; holds pH electrodes of 255 mm length; and RTD PT100 thermo compensator in mounting block.

Model ID: DTM 703P
Global Electronics offers temperature controller, DTM 703P. Features: 2 setpoint dead band control; 3rd setpoint for very high alarm; external limit settings; external calibration; PT100 input linearised to 0.25%; flameproof gas Grade IIA, B enclosure; and externally accessible setpoint adjustments.

Model ID: DTM 700
Global Electronics offers digital thermometer, DTM 700. Salient features: PT100 input linearised to 0.25% w.r.t temperature; flame proof Gas Grade IIA, B weatherproof IP56; external calibration for true flameproof installation; high visibility LED display; easy 2" pipe mounting; and 4-20 mA DC retransmission output for data acquisition.

Model ID: DTM 700

Global Electronics offers digital thermometer. It is housed in a flameproof Gas Group II A, B enclosure with external sensor calibration adjustments for true flameproof installation.