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Ferolite Jointings Limited

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Model ID: NAM 39
Ferolite Jointings Limited offers a Gasket Jointing Sheet, Ferolite NAM 39.

Ferolite Jointings Limited, Ghaziabad

Ferolite Jointings manufactures Non Asbestos Jointing Sheets using material FEROLITE NAM 37.

Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing Sheets are manufactured from carefully selected chrysotile fibres, intimately blended with suitable heat resisting binders and fillers and vulcanised into sheets of homogenous compositions and uniform thickness.

Ferolite compressed non-asbestos jointing gasket sheets are available as per DIN 52913, BS 7531 (Grade X & Y) and ASTM F-104 standards.

Ferolite compressed asbestos jointing gasket sheets are available as per IS-2712/1998 (grade WI, W2, W3, O1, O2, A1); DIN-3754 (grade IT-300/400, IT-O, IT-S), JIS-R3453: 1985 (Type I, II, III); and BS 2815 (grade A & B) standards.

Ferolite Jointings manufactures Non-Asbestos Jointing Sheets using material grade Ferolite NAM 39. Material composition: these are made from Aramid fibre, mineral fibre and inorganic bounded with synthetic NBR elastomers.

FEROLITE SPECIAL used to seal the transmission and hydraulic fluids, refrigerating oils, motor oil, carburetor fuel, mixtures, steam, water/antifreeze and water anti-corrosion mixtures, alkalies and solvents.

Ferolite Jointings Limited, Ghaziabad

Model ID: Ferolite steel
Ferolite steel is general purpose jointing material has been developed for low and medium stress conditions and is suitable to seal off steam, water, air and various chemicals.