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Erich Magnetics

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Erich Permanent Magnetic Pulley is a dual purpose device. It functions as drive pulley for the belt conveyor and at the same time provide effective, automatic and continuous removal of tramp metal from a material flow.

Erich Permanent Lifting Magnets, ML-004 are compact rare earth permanent lift magnetic, turned on and off manually by lever provide smooth operation for hundreds of lifting and positioning application.

Model ID: ML-002
Erich Magnetics offers ML-002, Rectangular Lifting Magnets are ideal for handling material most shapes including, sheets, plates, rounds or square bars, bundles, billets, ingots and many similar applications, in shipyards, steel mills and foundries.

Erich Magnetics offers Suspension Magnets that are widely used to remove tramp iron from raw or finished products conveyed on belt conveyors.

Suspended Electromagnetic Separator is designed to successfully remove damaging tramp metal from flow of coal, limestone, sand, gravel, wood products, recycled materials and almost any conveyed non-ferrous material.

Circular Lifting Magnet is used to handle all kinds of steel, especially scrap, efficiently and inexpensively; in steel mills, ball mills, for furnace changing and other material handling jobs.

The various types of Magnetic Separator, such as permanent or electro suspension magnets / Over band magnetic separators (OBMS) are offered.