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Electrosonic Industries

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Electrosonic Industries offers Ultrasonic Processor - Sonicator. The ultrasonic Processor is a very useful and flexible tool to produce stable product as compared to other processes.

Electrosonic Industries, Mumbai

Electrosonic Industries offers EIET-FDLCD01 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is free from strong magnetic field and corrosion materials.

Electrosonic Industries, Mumbai

Electrosonic Industries offers NDT Probes. The single normal probes are designed for excellent sensitivity.

Ultrasonic Cleaner is used for complete removal of stubborn dirt and residue. It is available in various standard capacities and also custom made as per client’s requirement.

Electrosonic Industries offers Immersible Transducers. These ultrasonic generators make use of solid-state technology for the ultrasonic generator and PZT transducers for converting the electrical energy to mechanical vibrations in the cleaning liquid.

Electrosonic Industries, Mumbai

Electrosonic Industries offers Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems.

Electrosonic Industries manufactures Mini Compact Ultrasonic Cleaners using an unique transducer bonding method. These are manufactured indigenously as per international standards and specifications.

Electrosonic Industries manufactures versatile ultrasonic flaw detector for NDT applications. The principle used is pulse echo technique. Different types of NDT probes can be supplied depending on application.

Electrosonic Industries, Mumbai

Electrosonic Industries offers three stage ultrasonic cleaning system. The first stage comprises of ultrasonic bath with built in heaters to raise the temperature of solvent.