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Electricare, an ISO 9001 certified company, manufactures all types of Electrical and Control Panels – HT/LT, distribution panels and installations.

Electricare offers Meter Panel (Metering Box/Cubicle Panel). This is designed to have electricity meter to measure the consumption of electricity by each unit of the establishment.

Electricare offers Distribution Panel (Distribution L.T. Panel). This is the main switching device -cum-distribution switching for a transformer.

Electricare offers Genset Panel & Genset Amf Panel (D.G.Set Panel), which controls and monitors the electrical parameters of a DG set.

Electricare offers Control Panel (Block Cutter Panel), which is an expert device to ensure that a particular machine automatically functions as per the programmed assignment.

Electricare offers Control Box (Control Desk Panel). This is an Expert device to monitor various points of process control from a central point.

Electricare offers Genset Panel. This is an expert device to synchronise one supply and the other supply to be received from different diesel generating sets in matter of seconds for the same establishment.