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EKAAH offers Connectors for Leak Testing sourced from WEH GmbH, Germany.

WEH GmbH, Germany manufactures, apart from connectors for leak/pressure testing, Connectors for Filling Refrigerants (R 134a) for automobiles.

EKAAH offers Connectors for Leak Testing sourced from WEH GmbH, Germany.

WEH manufactures a range of quick connectors for functional testing application like leak, pressure/vacuum testing of automobile components like brakes, fuel systems, air-conditioning and cooling systems, steering and suspension systems.

EKAAH offers quick connectors for filling of various industrial gases into the cylinders, manufactured by WEH GmbH, Germany

Ekaah offers Check Valve. This is used for very stringent applications, turbines being one of them. For the turbines the material is SS 1.4305 and the spring is made of SS 1.4568. The pressure is 100 bar and the cracking pressure is 0.7 to 0.85 bar.

Digiforce from Applied Measurements Ltd, UK is a non contact tension meter, mainly meant for measurement of tension in the wire and strands in the precast concrete fabrication

WEH GmbH, Germany who is represented in India by Ekaah, offers a range of products for high-pressure cylinder testing. The WEH connector TW17 is ideal for making quick, effortless pressure test connections to any vessel with threaded ports.

WEH GmbH of Germany manufactures quick connectors for air leak testing application.